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Biond L. Fury

Biond Fury™ is a multimedia artist. Over the last decade he has been developing a multimedia entertainment concept including novel, screenplay, and original music. He has produced and starred in the TV series Beyond™ for the last thirty years with associated merchandising. The show Beyond™ is an international telecast exploring the realms of human conscienceness and exploring ways to heighten our higher senses including telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, and other psionic abilities. This interactive exploration activates your creative abilities in your field of interest including the arts, film, music, and scientific exploration. Beyond™ features software for the human mind machine to its ultimate experience and expression. DVD's of the broadcast are available for purchase. Membership in the Beyond Experience™ is available. You receive discounts on all products, DVD's, books, consultations, and appearances with the Beyond Experience™. Also, an interactive contest of skill is coming soon to test your psionic abilities. Look for announcments about this.
Biond Fury will be offering licensed merchandising including Active Wear, Biond Experience™ Ware, Fury Gold™ Ware, and Biond Fury Rock Star ™ Wear. These exciting designs will keep you on the cutting edge of the 21st Century with your style and fashion. Biond Fury™ shall offer soon the "Beyond the Golden Road" which will elucidate his personal journey both spiritually and physically in his process of self-discovery and enlightment. This book will explore the challenges, conflicts, success, and pathos of his heroes journey .
Biond Fury discovered his clairvoyant abilities at a child. Over the years he has been interested in connecting the spiritual world with the physical world and the fine line that connects the two. Biond Fury™ and his early academic studies include a B.S. in Pre-Medicine, a Masters in Biological Sciences including genetics, and PhD studies in Quantum Physics and Bio-Chemistry. "Beyond the Golden Road" elucidates his personal discoveries and adventures in his research. The book also relates his research on the psionic/clairvoyant level in the areas of solving crimes and connecting to the thousands of individuals with their personal lives. His clients have included scientists, artists, actors, actresses, and writers on an international level. Biond Fury™ is still available for consultations by appointment only. 

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